The Spark of an Idea

EMCC was formed in 1966 out of a community need to help expand activities for area youth and adults. The Center began in humble quarters in a small apartment, initially providing youth with structured activities and adults with a neighborhood-based meeting facility. Word of the Center soon spread throughout the community.

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Today, after providing community services for more than four decades, EMCC has evolved into a thriving multi-service center at 8 Straubel Court. The Center provides social, educational, recreational, and cultural programming for the east side community with a small paid staff and 250 volunteers.

The Future Grows Brighter

EMCC continues to grow in response to what is important to families on Madison’s east side. By providing support and technical assistance, EMCC plays a crucial role in helping residents connect with resources necessary to help enhance the quality of life for individuals as well as the community in general. EMCC’s Educational Enrichment Center building expansion in 1997 added vital new space and services for children and adults, the Preschool Enrichment Program, computer lab, family resource services and other program opportunities. EMCC expanded again in 2008 to provide space for a full-sized gym, multipurpose room, kitchen, fitness room and handball courts.