Your donation makes all the difference!

When you donate to the East Madison Community Center, every dollar makes a difference in the lives of children and families:

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Food Pantry

$10 feeds one family for a week
Average number of families using the EMCC Food Pantry weekly: 50

December 2016 Food Pantry Data:

  • 4,900 = Pounds of food distributed
  • 196 = Households served
  • 25 = Average pounds of food distributed per family/per week

2016 Year-End Food Pantry Totals

  • 2,485 = Households served
  • 3,849 = Adults served
  • 2,507 = Children Served
  • 6,356 = Total individuals served
  • 62,125  = Pounds of food distributed in 2016

After School Care

150 children a month receive free After School and Saturday care at EMCC
EMCC serves six meals a week to feed approximately 35 children per day.
$50 provides 16 meals

Mail Your Contribution to:
East Madison Community Center
8 Straubel Court
Madison, WI 53704

or donate online via paypal