A Letter from District 15 Alderman David Ahrens

I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t love or at least appreciate trees. They do so much for us- provide shade in the summer, consume tons of carbon-dioxide and grow food- but ask for so little.

Many folks are losing the trees on their street terrace on in their front or backyard due to the Emerald Ash Borer. There are about 70,000 Ash trees in Madison on the street, on private lots and in parks. Most of them will die and be removed because of the infestation.

Some neighborhoods that don’t have many trees to begin with have an unusual opportunity to get a free tree for their homes. Not only is the tree free but trained arborists will come to your home and evaluate if the tree is suitable for your soil, sun and space.
There are a number of different kinds of trees available that range from medium to tall trees, trees that flower and are more ornamental. Among those available are chinquapin oak, bur oak, swamp white oak, pecan, yellow birch, sour gum, sycamore, catalpa, tulip tree, ironwood, Ohio buckeye, and redbud.

Early Fall is a great time to add to your home and neighborhood.

I am interested in hearing your views on this and other issues. If you have questions, concerns, problems or opinions about city policies or operations please feel free to contact me at district15@cityofmadison.com or 608-334-1156.

To get a free tree from the Madison Canopy Project, use their Tree Request form. Trees are offered to areas including the Emerson, Eken Park, Carpenter-Ridgeway, Worthington Park, and Hawthorne neighborhoods. For more information call 608-556-5331.
satellite map of neighborhood boundaries