Multicultural Arts

Multicultural Art classes – Open to students currently enrolled in programs.

EMCC arts programs serve participants of all ages, cultures and skill backgrounds. These no-cost programs meet weekly.

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Each week, our youth learn about other cultures through hands-on interactive art projects.  Living in a multicultural society requires an understanding and respect for those from other cultures. One of the best ways to encourage this value is through arts education. Art is a powerful force that helps to shape attitudes, beliefs, values, and behaviors. Through hands-on art education, students get to experience other cultures in a fun and inclusive environment.  The students also attend numerous local cultural events.

Dance programs Cancelled until further notice

EMCC offers a dance programs for children and adults. Dance is an art form, a means of self-expression, healthy exercise, and so much more.

“Step” – Cancelled until further notice

Thanks to the Fit Youth Initiative grant, middle school students at EMCC learn the fundamentals of “step” from East High School step team (KIOJA) alumni. The group focuses on team work, community service, and sisterhood. The program helps middle school girls build friendships based on mutual respect and a common interest.

Performing Ourselves – Cancelled until further notice

This hip-hop and creative dance class for pre-teens and teens uses movement and dance to build leadership skills, self-esteem, resiliency and connection. Groups include the EMCC “Extremes” (grades 6-9) and EMCC “Minis” (grades 1-5). The season ends with a final show at the UW-Madison Dance Department.

Breakdance – Cancelled until further notice

The Madison Breakers

This hip-hop dance group for teens and young adults has been meeting at EMCC since 2009. Each week, numerous dancers come together to jam, bond, and teach one another moves. They perform at local events and competitions throughout the year.

The Break Starters

This all-age breakin’ group for beginners teaches introductory break dance moves. The instructors help build confidence in new dancers. Once they master the basics, participants move on to the Electrics or the Madison Breakers.

The Electrics

The Electrics are a pre-teen and teen girls hip-hop dance company with their own UW trained teacher. They practice a more lyrical form of hip hop and keeps evolving as a beautiful creative form of modern dance. The Electrics meet weekly and the season ends with a grand show on the UW campus dance stage. People from all over the city perform. The day ends with a reception for friends and family and each student is presented with a rose.