Space Rentals

Multi-Purpose Room/Kitchen
Capacity: 75
Size: 41 x 49 feet./2,011 square feet
Note: No access to fridges/frozen storage, bring utensils/paper products

Host your next event in this spacious room, ideally suited for meetings, ceremonies and parties. The attached kitchen makes food service simple. The room includes a stage, making it perfect for performances, speakers, or special seating for guests of honor.  Access to Wi-Fi is available, as well as a screen for presentations (you provide the projector). Consider reserving space here for your next:

  • Family Reunion
  • Birthday party
  • Business event
  • Service Organization event
  • Fundraiser

Capacity: 75 people
Size: 77 ft. x 99 ft./7,623 square feet

Intramural, community and business teams can reserve the gym for regular practices and games. Please note: no food or drinks (except water) are permitted in the gym.

empty meeting room

Meeting Room
Capacity: 15-20 people
Size: 17×16 feet/272 square feet

Host your next board meeting, strategic planning session or off-site meeting in this newly renovated space. Food and beverages are permitted. This room includes a television monitor with Barco ClickShare AV.

empty conference room

Conference Room
Capacity: 6-10
Size: 12 x 11 feet/132 square feet

This newly renovated meeting room gives small groups privacy and comfort. It includes access to Wi-Fi. Food and beverages are permitted.

Woody Room
Capacity: 6-10

Named for Dr. Elwood “Woody” Carey, a long-time board member and friend of the Center, this welcoming space has a standard conference room table plus a casual seating area. As a bonus, the room comes stocked with board games and playing cards. It includes a television and Wi-Fi. Food and beverages are permitted.

EMCC room rental fees
EMCC Space Hours Truax and Webb-Rethke Residents Individuals & Non-Profit Organizations For-Profit Organizations
Multipurpose Room/Kitchen Business hours $10 per hour $25 per hour $50 per hour
Other hours $10 per hour $50 per hour $100 per hour
Gym Business hours $10 per hour $25 per hour $50 per hour
Other hours $10 per hour $50 per hour $100 per hour
Meeting Room All hours Free Free/Donations Accepted Free/Donations Accepted
Conference Room All hours Free Free/Donations Accepted Free/Donations Accepted
Woody Room All hours Free Free/Donations Accepted Free/Donations Accepted

We charge an additional $20 per hour to large groups (50+) to cover the costs of an EMCC employee supervising the event.

People who rent the multi-purpose room or gym must leave a $250 security deposit to reserve space at the center.

If you rent a meeting room during non-business hours and need to borrow a key to enter the building, a $50 cash key deposit is required.


  1. Space will not be reserved until a signed contract and a deposit are on file. The EMCC will not “hold” dates or honor “pre-reservations”.
  2. Application and deposit are due one week prior to the scheduled event.
  3. Reservation fees may be paid the week of the event, but must be paid prior to event start.
  4. The person signing the contract must attend the entire event. The person who signs the contract is responsible for all actions of their group. It is their responsibility to communicate rules and expectations of facility use to the rest of the organization or group.


Any cancellation less than 5 business days prior to the scheduled event will forfeit the hourly fee they paid for the room.


  1. All Facility Use groups must leave a $250.00 deposit to reserve space at the center.
  2. If no cleaning charges or damages have been assessed, the deposit check will be returned.
  3. If any cleaning or damage fees were removed from the deposit check, any remaining money will be issued to you after your check has cleared the bank.
  4. The entire deposit or any portion thereof will not be refunded if:
    • Facility rules and/or rules of conduct are violated
    • Trash and recyclable containers are not emptied, cleaned and returned to the Center.
    • The rental space is not cleaned after the event.
    • Center property is damaged or missing.
    • If the premises are not vacated within 15 minutes of the end time. Additional time will be prorated at $25 per 15 minutes.

Note that the charge for cleaning is $25.00 per hour, with a minimum charge of 1 hour.

If your group requires keys, a $20.00 cash deposit is required, and the keys must be returned within 72 hours of your event.

Facility Rules

Any individuals or groups in violation of these rules will have all facility use privileges suspended immediately and indefinitely.

  1. Facility use groups must adhere to all EMCC Rules of Conduct and CDA property rules regarding parking, smoking, trespass, traffic and conduct. This means that all visitors must park in labeled EMCC parking spaces.
  2. There is categorically no alcohol and no drug use in or around the EMCC building or on CDA property. If you or your group is found in violation of this rule, we reserve the right to permanently take away your facility use privileges and you will forfeit your $250.00 deposit.
  3. CDA, CDA security officers, Madison police and fire, EMCC staff and officers may enter the building at any time and during any event. Any indication that a facility use group is violating rules of conduct during their event may result in the immediate cancellation of the program and future use.
  4. Facility use groups are responsible for the property they are using, including contents and condition of the building as well as anyone who enters the building and is not a participant of EMCC programs.
  5. Facility use groups may only use the room(s) they have specifically reserved.
  6. All facility use groups must have the building vacated and locked no later than 9:00 p.m., even on the weekends. We are located in the middle of a community and want to respect our neighbors.

All visitors must follow our Rules of Conduct.

Any event held after 5:00 p.m. with more than 50 people in attendance will require additional staffing, which costs $20/hr. Any event with teens or youth must have an adult to youth ratio of 1:10.

Although the multi-purpose room includes access to a kitchen, food in the kitchen belongs to the EMCC. The kitchen is monitored and taking food you did not bring is strictly prohibited. Participants must bring their own utensils, napkins, plates, etc.

Gym users must follow the gym rules:

  • Supervision by an adult (over 18) is required at all times.
  • All participants must wear clean gym shoes only!
  • Food or drinks are prohibited in the Gym: only water is allowed.
  • The weight room is off limits.
  • No hanging on the nets or rims.
  • No dunking or lowering the hoops without permission.
  • Participants must bring their own balls.
  • No scooters or hover boards.
  • The curtain must stay up.
  • Participants must use appropriate language: no swearing or trash talking.
  • No slamming basketballs.
  • No half court shots, unless it’s the end of the game.

Interested in renting a room? Contact us using the form (facility use 2023 contract), or call us at (608) 249-0861.